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An important message from Michelle the founder of Bright4Life

Welcome to Bright4life, we’re happy to have you here, wanting to take the first important step of your healing and growth journey. Please take a few moments to watch this video where you can understand more about my service and what is on offer.

Then when you’re ready, book a free 25 minute consultation with Michelle where we can assess your current situation and find a bespoke service that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Are you the victim of abuse, and need to seek specialist help from an abuse counsellor?

Therapeutic services I offer:

CBT Therapy (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)​

Focused “here and now” therapy using CBT talking therapy

  • Solution-focused and goal setting
  • Monitoring and review of effective outcomes
  • Integrated recovery ERP (Exposure & Response Prevention)

Holistic Psychotherapy services (trauma & abuse)

Specialising in longer term therapy using holistic and somatic healing interventions

  • Art therapy & journalling
  • Inner child work/ meditation & mindfulness
  • healing from PTSD, C-PTSD
  • Somatic & Pyschosensual healing

Muslim Counselling & Coaching Services

Integrated Islamic-focused sessions

  • Bespoke one-off or add on coaching service for female Muslims clients
  • Holistic-focused through mind- body-soul healing
  • Islamic interventions and journalling work

Teen mentoring & Parent coaching services

Adolescent-focused plus parent coaching support

  • Bespoke youth-focused integrated talking therapy
  • Guided Drawing interventions
  • Creative media, Art and Poetry Journalling
  • Parent guidance & support as an add on coaching service

What can counselling help with?


Healing From Trauma

Do you suffer with panic attacks and/or anxiety as a result of abuse? Take the first steps to healing with a specialist who understands the deeply emotional effects of trauma and abuse and how to empower you towards a calmer and more confident self!
Discover 10 powerful and effective ways to find inner peace through psychosensory healing!


Parent-Child Issues​

Are you a parent who feels overwhelmed in how help your teenager? If so, then find out more about my specialist youth counselling and parent coaching service offering conscious parenting support to empower the entire family!


Balancing Cultural Identity

Are you seeking a sensitive female counsellor, who understands the importance of cultural identity? Maybe you are looking for an Islamic counselling service that takes account of your faith and need a safe space to feel heard and understood? Let’s begin your journey within a compassionate and non-judgmental space.

The wound is the place
where the light enters


About Me

I am a UK Kent based integrative counsellor and holistic psychotherapist, I work in a culturally sensitive and collaborative way that embraces all cultures, ethnicities and religions. Coming from a mixed european cultural heritage, together with over 30 years of extensive work and life experience behind me, gives me the advantage to work with a huge scope of people both in my hometown of Kent (UK) or digitally from all corners of the world.
My work ethic is to always offer a non-judgmental and empathic space that ensures a bespoke programme unique to each client who can work at their own pace and style. I specialise in ‘Trauma and Abuse’ recovery but work with a whole range of issues serving both individual adults and adolescents aged 12+.

I also offer specialised coaching service for parents of teenagers and a unique Muslimah self-development programme for women of the Islamic faith. You can also book all your online sessions via my website from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world!
I invite you to learn more about me under “meet your therapist’ and visit my ‘services’ section including the general FAQ, bookings & fees or maybe click to try my FREE  25-minute consultation where you will have the chance to learn more about the counselling process.
I really hope to see you soon!


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Do you suffer with panic attacks or anxiety as a result of abuse?
Are you a parent who feels overwhelmed in how help your teenager?
Are you seeking a sensitive female counsellor, who understands the importance of cultural identity?