Trauma & Abuse Counsellor

Are you experiencing physical exhaustion, feel numb, hopeless or a failure; or perhaps you are having panic attacks, flashbacks or feel constantly anxious? Maybe you have come out of an abusive marriage or family circumstance or you have past childhood trauma that is unresolved.

There are many reasons why client’s seek counselling. Taking the initial step can seem very nerve-wracking and scary, but I offer an experienced service that allows you to feel validated and unravel those heavy burdens and off load them in a gentle and contained way that is both confidential and empowering.

What do I offer?

BACP approved professional member
Online or face-to-face sessions for individuals or couples
Bespoke client-led service including 25 mins FREE consultation 
CBT integrated psychotherapy for short- or long-term sessions
Holistic integrated approaches using somatic & creative interventions
Specialism in Trauma-informed therapy and somatic healing 
Financial discounts and block bookings available

Specialised Trauma and Psychotherapy service

Professionally trained in trauma & abuse
Trained in domestic abuse psychoeducation and recovery programmes
Polyvagal Theory focusing on trauma education and recovery 
Psychodynamic interventions for childhood trauma: Bowlby’s attachment styles & Gestalt therapy
Processing unconscious unresolved trauma and abuse, Freud’s work on defences & dream analysis
Transactional Analysis and ‘Inner Child’ healing including creative & guided drawing programme 
Somatic healing through movement, tapping, mindfulness & breathwork

What are the benefits?

Feeling greater physical, emotional, and mental stability and wellbeing
Understand yourself deeply, feeling a sense of hope and empowerment
Released trauma from the body reduces physical pains and stress responses 
Gain insight into your reactions & unconscious and repressed processes
Develop closeness to loved ones and increased interest in social activities
Develop awareness to own trauma responses and triggers
Empowered feelings of hope, contentment and internal peace
Develop clearer boundaries, increased sense of self-worth
Learn effective breathing, tapping and mindfulness techniques
Understand, gain knowledge and connect holistically to your mind, body and soul

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