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Do you doubt yourself, feel a failure, seeking constant reassurance, or obsess and overthink things that seem intrusive and overwhelming? Then you are not alone, because these are common thoughts and behaviours that some of my clients have too.

Opening up in therapy can feel unnatural at first and you may feel judged as being “weird, or abnormal”. Through the evidence-based CBT model, we can begin to break down these self-sabotaging thoughts and repeated negative patterns. The results can be empowering through perspective, hope and creativity, and provide an essential safe space to offload, reflect and reframe.

What do I offer?

BACP approved professional member
Online or face-to-face 1 hr sessions for individuals and couples
Bespoke client-led service including 25 mins FREE consultation 
CBT integrated service for short- or long-term sessions
Solution-focused with positive practiced interventions
Neuroscience and evidence-based psychoeducation
Option to monitor progress and effective outcomes using CBT tools
Financial discounts and block bookings available

What are the benefits?

Gain greater knowledge with a goal-focused outcome
Understand yourself, feeling enhanced confidence and self-esteem
Achieve greater focus & concentration 
Feel overall better health and less overwhelm
Empowered with knowledge, effective tools & coping strategies
Improve communication skills and feel closer to loved ones
Feel calmer in social situations and develop conflict management skills

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