Youth Counselling & Parent Coaching

Are you aged between 12 – 17 and struggling to cope, feel isolated or lonely and find it hard to express your emotions? In today’s society, the pressures on the youth are unprecedented and can seem too heavy for all the family to carry alone. If you or your child are struggling, then reach out for help. 

Working as a creative youth counsellor, being a mother to two sons, and a home educator, I understand the daily battles the youth fight. I offer a safe, impartial space to speak freely and at your own pace and style.  I also offer conscious parenting tips, that improves communication and bond between all families, through my add-on or stand-alone coaching option.

When you feel sad, you can come to me
I’ll listen
I’ll never turn you away
I hear you,
Even when you don’t have
The words to say

By Abbie Wiggins in her book “Anchor”

What do I offer?

BACP approved professional member
Online or face-to-face sessions for ages 12-17
25 mins FREE consultation for your young adult 
Tailed, integrated child-led programme for short- or long-term
Option to monitor progress and effective outcomes
Financial discounts and block bookings available
Option of parent ‘coaching’ alongside your child’s healing
Special needs trained (neurodiverse awareness and sensitivity)

What are the benefits?

Enhanced confidence and self-esteem
Achieve greater focus & concentration 
Feeling less overwhelmed, more emotionally regulated
Feeling empowered through knowledge and coping strategies tools 
Improved communication skills and boundaries 
Calmer in social situations and conflict management skills
Stronger self of self and identity
More effective social skills and connections with others

Parent Coaching

If you are a struggling parent and need some conscious parenting tips and support, then this service is for you.  It is open to all parents, offered as individual 30 minute or 1-hour sessions or in addition to your child’s therapy sessions, working in a solution-focused approach to bring the family closer together again.

No parent thinks, “I wonder what I can to today to undermine my children, subvert their effort, turn them off learning, and limit their achievement, of course not. They think “I would do anything, give anything, to make my children successful” Yet many of the things they do boomerang. Their helpful judgments, their lessons their motivating techniques often send the wrong message.

Page 176 – Dweck (2017) Mindset: changing the way you think to fulfil your potential


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